“Alta, bella, bionda. Altabellabiodaaaaaaaaaaa. Occhi ceeeeelesti. Puppapperaaaaaaa, tu hai le Puppe a peraaaaa!”

So sings an apparently shy Francesco Nuti in the film “Madonna che silenzio c’è stasera” (1982) against a background of beautiful, graphic, freshly printed posters.
A dream.

Another dream, for me, was to be able to create a poster specifically to raise funds for LILT (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer).

You see, when cancer entered our home, it swept away all the certainties we had. This happened over 10 years ago, when treatments were very invasive and there was basically no general conversation about prevention. And prevention still is, to this day, the most effective
method to fight breast cancer.


Every year, the LILT (Italian League for the fight against cancer) dedicates the entire month of October to awareness and educational campaigns on cancer. Active for around eighty years in the battle against cancer through many institutional information campaigns, LILT has supported the Pink Ribbon Campaign for the month of October since 1993.
The main goal of this event is to raise awarness of diagnostic anticipation and prevention for women, and through the whole month it is possible to book a free breast examination just by calling the LILT number on 800 99 88 77. Do it.


The number one mission of LILT (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer) is to spread the “culture of prevention” (primary, secondary and tertiary) as the main method in the fight against the disease.
It operates on a no-profit basis through 400 clinics located throughout the country and
operated by volunteers serving the community. Even the 106 Provincial Associations of LILT – albeit autonomous infrastructures – follow the same modus operandi as the national Institution, always putting prevention and research first.

What I wanted to achieve through the production and release of this poster is a small contribution for a very important cause, in which any help (however modest) can really mean a lot for thousands of patients and professionals throughout the country.

Visit their site to discover other ways you can contribute today!

Everyone has their own character (for example, I have plenty of them in my drawers) and I find that approaching darker topics with a smile – with a good energy – can do a lot of good.
Ah! And if you haven’t already done so, watch “Madonna che silenzio c’è stasera” where an unsurpassed Francesco Nuti plays and sings one of the songs that has made the history of comedy. It’s the first song my nephew learned, that’s all I’ll tell you. The ABC from an early age, indeed.

Format: 25×70 cm. Composed with the Nilo wooden font, coming from Nebiolo – year 1936 – printed on ecological Favini shiro alga paper 120 gr.

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