Studi sull’amore (Studies on Love)


Studi sull’amore (Studies on Love)

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Not a poster “about love” but a poster “for love” – like an imaginary collaboration with the most talked about feeling ever.

An invitation to experience your emotions and your love viscerally – and with care.

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It takes courage to love. It takes a lot to learn to listen to our needs, to practice happiness, to go get what it is we really need and leave behind everything that isn’t needed.

It takes courage to change your life and start from scratch, to throw yourself into a new love. It takes courage to express your feelings and it also takes a lot of courage to lose control. And go crazy, when your defenses crumble under the force of a hug. There is a need to take care and find ourselves within love. Today more than ever.

Thanks to Franco Arminio for allowing me to print this verse taken from a poem in his latest book (Studi Sull’Amore, Einaudi Editore). That verse, after weeks of work, became a poster. The serif character comes from Levanto (SP).

There are 100 copies marked, numbered and signed.


Handcrafted product

Each copy is inked and printed by hand, so there may be small differences between the photo you see and the object you receive. No copy is perfectly identical to the other. Frame not included.

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