In terms of human language and communication, there are fundamentally only two answers to all the questions in the universe. Two idioms with which to describe all the wonders and hardships we encounter in our lives.

Both appear in this poster. With logic, it then deduces that this poster has the answer to all your questions.

Sticazzi. Mecojoni.

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You can’t enter other people’s dialect without first studying and doing your research.

Sticazzi and Mecojoni, apparently synonymous for non-Romans, are in fact two very different terms.

Sticazzi means “who cares” . Mecojoni translates roughly with “good heavens!”.

Rocco Schiavone (Marco Giallini) – Article n. 7 of the Roman constitution.

Poster created on a cold winter evening, when, MY GOD, I used “mecojoni” instead of “sticazzi” in a WhatsApp message to a Roman friend. Unforgivable error, followed promptly by a necessary explanation and lecture.

Sticazzi or Mecojoni? Hang it as you like, based on the mood of the day. Round and round, all streets lead to Rome.


Handcrafted product

Each copy is inked and printed by hand, so there may be small differences between the photo you see and the object you receive. No copy is perfectly identical to the other. Frame not included.

Would you like to collect your poster here in the studio?
At check-out you’ll find the option for collection. I’ll contact you personally via Whatsapp to schedule an appointment!

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