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GRL PWR (to be read as “Girl Power”) has a meaning that transcends either its single words. It is an idea – a concept – of its own type of female strength, aimed at change, evolution and freedom.

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GRL PWR celebrates women’s empowerment, independence, confidence and strength.

And it does it loud and clear, with direct and irrefutable characters – without leaving room for interpretation or points of view: this poster shouts like a rock song.

This is because the term GIRL POWER finds its origins in the music (where else did you expect?) of the early nineties – the term is attributed to the punk band Bikini Kill.

Fast forward to today and the electric liveliness of this term has not weakened at all, on the contrary, it is more vivid than ever!

Limited edition printed on neon pink paper (what else did you expect?).


Handcrafted product

Each copy is inked and printed by hand, so there may be small differences between the photo you see and the object you receive. No copy is perfectly identical to the other. Frame not included.

Would you like to collect your poster here in the studio?
At check-out you’ll find the option for collection. I’ll contact you personally via Whatsapp to schedule an appointment!

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